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What are we looking for in a Candidate?
Required Skillsets:
 Wisdom to know when to hustle and when to be calm and dig deep.
 Strong can-do mentality, who is joining the team to build on a vision, not to do a job.
 A deep hunger to learn, understand and apply your knowledge to create technology.
 Ability and Experience tackling hard Natural Language Processing problems, to separate
wheat from the chaff, knowledge of mathematical tools to succinctly describe the ideas to
implement them in code.
 Very Good understanding of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) with
projects to back the same.
 Strong fundamentals in Linear Algebra, Probability and Random Variables and Algorithms.
 Strong Systems experience in Distributed Systems Pipeline: Hadoop, Spark etc.
 Good knowledge of at least one prototyping/scripting language: Python, MATLAB/Octave or
 Good understanding of Algorithms and Data Structures.
 Strong programming experience in C++/Java/Lisp/Haskell.
 Good written and verbal communication.
Desired Skillsets:
 Passion for well-engineered products and you are ‘ticked off’ when something engineered is ‘off’
and you want to get your hands dirty and fix it.
 3+ years of research experience in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and NLP.
 Top tier peer-reviewed research publication in areas like Algorithms, Computer Vision/Image
Processing, Machine Learning or Optimization (CVPR, ICCV, ICML, NIPS, EMNLP, ACL, SODA,
FOCS etc.)
 Open Source Contribution (include link to your projects, GitHub etc.)
 Knowledge of functional programming.
 International level participation in ACM ICPC, IOI, TopCoder etc.
 International level participation in Physics or Math Olympiad.
 Intellectual curiosity about advanced math topics like Theoretical Computer Science, Abstract
Algebra, Topology, Differential Geometry, Category Theory etc.
What can you Expect at work?
 Opportunity to work on interesting and hard research problem, to see the real application of
state-of-the-art research into practice.
 Opportunity to work on important problems with big social impact: Massive, and direct impact
of the work you do on the lives of students.
 An intellectually invigorating, phenomenal work environment, with massive ownership and
growth opportunities.
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 Opportunity to learn effective engineering habits required to build/deploy large productionready ML applications.
 Ability to do quick iterations and deployments.
 We would be excited to see you publish papers (though certain restrictions do apply).

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